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With over 14 years in business we specialize in on-site and mobile Virus removal and prevention, Computer Repair and networking of Windows and Mac Desktop and Laptop computers, both hardware and software. Family owned and operated. Emergency service available.

Diablo Computer Repair has changed it's name to Miracle Computer Repair

Due to the apparent misunderstanding of many people that our business was named after the Devil and not Mt Diablo which is just a few miles away, we have decided to go the other direction with our business name. We are still owned and operated by Alex and Sabrina and we will still offer the same great 24 hour services as before. In addition to this name change we are going to start offering 10% discounts to senior citizens, disabled, active and veteran military, and those who are in financial difficulties. Our phone numbers are still the same so give us a call today and let's get your computer issues resolved.

Get up to 20% off with service contracts!

Miracle Computer Repair is now offering both residential and commercial service contracts and once you sign up for our service contract all labor is 10% off! Residential service contracts are $20 per month and requires a credit card and a 1 year service contract agreement. Business service contracts are $20 per server and $10 per workstation and also require a 1 year contract agreement.
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New Online Repair program

We are now offering a Remote Maintenance and Repair service. With this service we can do most maintenance and software repairs on your computer remotely. This service will save us time on travel and expenses. So, because we will be cutting down costs on our side, we can now pass that savings on to you and can offer you this service for just $2.00 a minute!

Sometimes, there is no other choice but to have us come onsite and resolve the issues you may be having, so if we do come onsite because we could not resolve your issue remotely, or over the phone, then all of the phone and remote time is free, that's right, no charge for anything we can't fix! That also includes coming on-site, if we can't fix it, you pay nothing! So what are you waiting for? It's totally risk free! We believe that with a little bit of maintenance, or at the first sign of trouble, we can keep the major problems at bay and keep your costs for computer repairs down. So call us today at 1-800-390-9811 option #4 and ask about our remote support program today!

Want over the phone and remote support and repair? Then download and run our remote technician program then give us a call at 1-800-390-9811 option #4 and ask for the remote support! You can even click on the "Buy Now" Button and get Pre-Authorized for 1 hour of Remote Support to save time and money when you call us, we will only charge you $2.00 a minute for the time we are giving you support.


New Backup Service

We now offer an online backup service. We can securely backup all of your critical data to our remote server incase of a disaster. Without an online backup service you could have a flood, fire, earthquake, or your equipment could be stolen resulting in the loss of all of your data. For the individual and the business owner your data is critical. It can make or break you. This system will allow you to retrieve your critical data and be up and running with very minimal down time. Our introductory price is just $9.95 per gigabyte per month! Considering most people’s critical data is contained in less than a gig of space within their My Documents folder this is a pretty cheap way to insurance your future security!

Sign up now for our basic backup plan only $9.95 a month!


We now offer full service on Laptops and Notebooks!

After many years of only working on laptop and notebook software issues we can now offer hardware repair services. For software issues we can usually service the system there in your home or office. We can even use remote repair if you have signed up for that service. If you are having hardware issues we can bring your laptop or notebook back to our offices for a full diagnostic of the system to pinpoint what the problem may be all included with the one hour minimum. Once the problem(s) have been diagnosed we can give you an estimate of the approximate cost of any repair that is needed.

Whether we access your systems remotely or we come to you to take a look. We here at Miracle Computer Repair want what is best for you. We strive to make our services simple, easy and affordable.


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