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What to expect with Onsite Repairs

When our technicians arrive at your home or business they will be wearing plain clothes. They will introduce themselves as technicians from Miracle Computer Repair. Upon entering your home or business they will begin timing their visit. The technician will then hand you a one page "Work Agreement" to be read and signed by you, the client, before they begin work on your computer. Please read the "Work Agreement" fully so that you know what our policies are. The technician will not begin to work until the "Work Agreement" has been signed. Once the "Work Agreement" is signed please hand it back to the technician so that they can verify that it has been signed correctly. The technician can then begin work on your system(s).

You are welcome to watch what we do and even look over the technicians shoulder. But, please try to remember that the technician will have to concentrate and it may take them longer if you are distracting them with questions. Because of this, you may want to wait until the end to ask your questions. You are also welcome to leave the room while the technician is working but please let our technician know where you will be in the event they have any questions for you.

There are new items such as viruses and spyware coming out every day. Because of this the technician may have to do research to fix your particular problem. Please be aware that there is no set answer or technique to any given problem. As with any other item in life this does take time and patience.

Within the first hour the technician will diagnose what the issues are and try to fix them. If problem cannot be fixed within that first hour they will let you know what they feel the issues are and how long they feel it might take to fix. At that time they will let you decide if you want them to continue or not.

When the technician has finished working on your computer(s) they will ask you to verify it is working properly. We ask that you check and even double check that all is working properly. Please be as thorough as possible. Make sure that you can get online, view web sites, and check your Email. The technician will also make sure that your printer is working properly when he prints out the invoice. Once we have left the premises we are no longer liable for anything that happens to your system(s). So please be very thorough.

After you have verified that everything is working properly the technician will then answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to pick our brains in regards the repair work done to your system(s). After answering all your questions to the best of their ability the technician will then close out and total your billed time and any parts that may have been necessary. All parts are considered separate from our billed time. As is any data retrieval.

At the end of the service the technician will print out a "work order" using your printer (if it works) that will need to be read and signed. The "work order" will show everything the technician has done and either that everything is working to your satisfaction or that you have decided to not have them do some portion of the work.

All Items are due upon completion and, once again, all parts are considered separate from our billed time. We accept cash, check, and credit cards (Visa & MasterCard ONLY).

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